Welcome to 385n page!

Hi, everyone. My name is Keiko, I am the host of this guest house.

Let me introduce you to Guest House 385.

In May 2019 I opened Guest House 385 to create a place where visitors can have a comfortable stay and get unique experiences of Japanese culture.
You can do yoga, try your hand at calligraphy and make Japanese crafts in our special activity studios on the first floor.

You can also enjoy a green tea ceremony, wear a kimono in a tatami room, and cook [“cook your own” or “enjoy our”?] Japanese homemade foods.

Won’t you please join us?
(※Reservations required )



ゲストハウス385は日本の文化をこの施設内でできる「完結型ゲストハウス」として 令和元年(2019年)5月1日にオープンしました。


Studio 385n Events 〈スタジオ385nイベント〉

  • SADO “Experience Japanese green tea ceremony”〈茶道〉
  • SHODO “Write Kanji using special brush and ink”〈書道〉
  • ASHI FUMI “Massage by foot”〈フーレセラピー〉
  • JAPANESE YOGA “Relaxation yoga”〈ヨガ〉
  • KIMONO/YUKATA WEARING “Experience of wearing Japanese Kimono or Yukata”〈着物・浴衣体験〉
  • SYUGEI “Japanese handicraft class” 〈手芸〉
  • OSAKA GUIDE TOUR “Osaka half day guide tour”〈大阪半日ツアー〉